What tack is required for lessons, workshops, clinics, etc.?

Here is a list of the tack that I generally have people use.  Unless I tell you to use something more specific, you should plan on having the following.  No correctional bits, martingales, tie downs, etc. are allowed.  Please contact me with any questions you have regarding tack.


  • Rope halter (1/4″ polyester yacht braid rope preferred)
  • 12′ and/or 22′ polyester yacht braid rope
  • 4′ training stick with a 6′ string attached (not a lunge whip)


  • Snaffle bridle (mecate style reins preferred but not required), traditional style vequaro hackemore, or rope halter hackemore
  • Saddle and saddle pad or bareback pad unless you wish to ride bareback
  • Helmet if under 18 years old
  • Proper footwear for riding horses.

Are you willing to travel to my horse and I?

Yes, I am happy to come to your barn to give you lessons, put on a workshop or clinic, etc.  Just make sure that it is okay with the people who run your barn ahead of time.  I do have insurance if they need to see it. There is a small mileage fee when I do onsite lessons.

Can I bring my horse to you for training or lessons?

Yes.  Contact me for more details.

Does it matter if I ride English or Western?

No, good natural horsemanship works equally well whether you are an English or Western rider.  The principles of horsemanship are the same regardless of what type of saddle you ride in.  So whether you just want to trail ride, or you compete at a high level, I am still happy to help you.

Can you help with my problem horse?

Yes.  I love working with problem horses.

Why does groundwork matter?

Groundwork matters for several reasons.  Some of the main reasons include but are not limited to the following.

  • It helps you build a better relationship with your horse.
  • It helps you and your horse learn how to communicate with each other better.
  • When it is done properly, it greatly improves your rides.

I love to compete with my horse. Can you help me?

Yes.  Good horsemanship will help you and your horse perform better.

Do you start colts?

Yes.  Colt starting is one of my favorite things to do.

I've tried to do natural horsemanship with my horse before and it didn't seem to work. How is this different?

I find that while many people love the idea of natural horsemanship, a lot of them don’t really execute it properly.  Unfortunately, even many instructors who try to teach it don’t really get the why behind the what, and because of that, don’t get very good results.

When I work with a client and their horse, I not only show them what to do, but I am able to explain to them why they need to do it.  When you do natural horsemanship the real way, and really understand why you are doing what you are doing, you will find that it is highly effective.

Can you help fit my horse's saddle?

Of course.  I am happy to have a look at your saddle and see how it fits your horse.  I can also help you find a new saddle if need be.

Do you have a favorite type of saddle?

Yes.  Natural Horseman Saddles are my favorite saddles.  That being said, I have used many different saddles, and there are certainly other good saddles out there.  Feel free to ask if you have questions about saddles.

I would like to get a traditional hackamore. Where can I find a good one?

There are multiple places you can get a good quality hackamore from, but Californio Gear is where I usually get mine from.  Please contact me with any questions you have regarding choosing or using a hackamore with your horse.

Have another question?

Don’t hesitate to ask.