If you are participating in a Hendricks Horsemanship LLC Workshop, please arrive with your horse at least a half hour before the start of the workshop so that both you and your horse are ready to begin at the start of the workshop.  Make sure that you dress appropriately for the weather.  Below is a list of required tack.  I do both groundwork and riding sections at almost all workshops, so make sure to bring everything listed.  Please contact me with any questions regarding tack.

Proof of negative coggins and proof of current vaccines is required to participate.

If you are attending as an auditor please bring yourself a chair and anything else you need to be comfortable for the day.

Required Tack For Participants


  • Rope halter (1/4″ polyester yacht braid rope preferred)
  • 12′ and/or 22′ polyester yacht braid rope
  • 4′ training stick with a 6′ string attached (not a lunge whip)


  • Snaffle bridle (mecate style reins preferred but not required), traditional style vequaro hackemore, or rope halter hackemore
  • Saddle and saddle pad or bareback pad unless you wish to ride bareback
  • Helmet if under 18 years old
  • Proper footwear for riding horses.