Change your horse,
change yourself,
change your life!

Whether you have a great horse and just want to advance your skills, or you have a horse that spooks at everything it sees and refuses to get in a trailer, or somewhere in between, I would love to be able to help you. I can teach you and your horse how to be on the same team and get the results you want. By using natural horsemanship methods and techniques, I am able to help you have a better relationship with your horse, all while learning how to be safe and confident, and how to be a better horseman.

Matt Hendricks with Murray and Solstice

About Matt Hendricks

My name is Matt Hendricks and I am a certified 3 star Jordan Brasser Horsemanship instructor and a 3 star behaviorist.  I founded Hendricks Horsemanship LLC to help people and their horses to have a better relationship with each other while at the same time to get better results than they’ve ever achieved before.

Natural Horsemanship That Works

Using time tested and well proven methods, I am able to get you and your horse on the same page.  I would love to help you with everything from saddle fitting, to giving you customized one-on-one lessons to help you improve your own horsemanship, or even doing a colt start or behavioral work for you so you can experience the same results that I get with my own horses.

Ready to communicate better with your horse?

Let me help you start building a better relationship with your horse today.  Your horse will thank you.